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Owner: Shelby Cohron

Shelby is an adventurous person who loves all things outdoors! With a deep passion for nature, she is drawn to the beauty of the ocean, scuba diving, and the incredible animals beneath. Currently residing in the scenic state of Texas, Shelby embraces the freedom and excitement of road trips, discovering new places, and camping. One of travel buddies on these adventures is her dog, Jack Daniel, who shares her enthusiasm for outdoor escapades!

Image by Silas Baisch

Meet Jack Daniel, Shelby's four-legged adventure buddy! Jack is more than just a dog; he is the best boy around. Since adopted in April 2020, Jack brings immeasurable happiness into Shelby's life. This playful doggo possesses an unwavering love for water, making him the ideal adventure partner for swimming, camping, and even paddleboarding. With his infectious enthusiasm and boundless energy (and expressive eyebrows), Jack Daniel adds an extra layer of joy to Shelby's outdoor trips and serves as a constant reminder to embrace the simple pleasures in nature.

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Cohron's Crochet patterns are for beginners and those unsure where to start. Shelby is always available to answer any questions and provide helpful tips along the way. Her patterns focus on quick and satisfying projects, perfect for those looking for a sense of accomplishment without investing too much time. Shelby understands the importance of practice, and her patterns offer an excellent opportunity for beginners to better their skills while creating beautiful and practical items!

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