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  • If I request something, can you make it?
    The answer is yes! Email me at Let me know what you would like. If you have a specific crochet pattern, send that too!
  • What is Made to Order?
    All my items are all made to order (MTO), which means I will make then when you purchase it! This also means what you purchase is unique to you! Please know some items take longer than others. For example, the Octopus Hat takes me 2-3 months to complete where as the Baby Whale takes me 1 week.
  • Why does my item look different than the image?
    The colors and shape may vary compared to the image. This is because all of these items are hand-crocheted especially for you! No crocheted item is exactly the same.
  • How long does my order take to ship?
    Some orders are faster than others, especially with custom work. For a better ETA on your order, please feel free to email me @ Expedited shipping can also be discussed depending on your deadline.
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